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The Sant'ana, restaurant Saint-Laurent du Var

Restaurant Le Sant'Ana - Carte and Menus

Les suggestions

The suggestions

Six oysters n° 2 size Marennes Fines de Claires Roumegous

19 € 

Seafood platter (6 fine clear oysters n°2, mussels, 6 prawns, whelks)

38 €

Fresh whole lobster salad, cherry tomatoes, orange, avocado, crunchy vegetables, mayonnaise sauce


Fresh squid sautéed with garlic and parsley or fritti, roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables

25 €

Fresh scallops, butter whipped with Prosecco, leek fondue and risotto
32 €

Chaplain of hot goat cheese, apples and walnut kernels

12 €


Linguini with fresh lobsters

38 €


Veal kidneys, mustard sauce, mashed potatoes and winter vegetables

22 € 

Roasted Pollock, White Butter, Chives and Capers, Mashed Potatoes and Winter Vegetables

22 €

Whole grilled or poached Atlantic lobster, virgin or white butter sauce, roasted potatoes and winter vegetables
65 €

Truffle Risotto

28 €

Les menus

The menus

The "Lunch" formula 

Starter + Main / or Main + Dessert:  19

Starter + Main Course + Dessert:  25

(from Monday to Friday)



-  Zucchini flower fritters from the country

- Mussels stuffed with garlic butter


- Filet of julienne, cream with basil cream,

roasted potatoes and spring vegetables

- Traditional beef tartare, arugula salad and fresh fries


- Orange salad flavored with thyme

- Baba  with rum, whipped cream

Menu "The Bay of Angels"


- Hot goat's cheese purse, apples and walnut kernels

- Shrimp tempura, homemade sweet chili sauce

- Mussels stuffed with garlic butter 

- Nice anti-pasti (grilled red peppers, mozzarella

of buffalo, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad and ham

of Parma)  


- Fillet of coalfish, white butter, chives and capers, mashed potatoes and winter vegetables

- Veal kidneys, mustard sauce, mashed potatoes and winter vegetables

- Supreme ofpoultry   roasted, thyme and sweet garlic jus

mashed potatoes and winter vegetables

- Sesame tuna tataki, soy sauce, Japanese seaweed rice and wok vegetables 


- Crepes suzette

- Homemade hot chocolate profiteroles

- Frozen nougat, raspberry coulis

- Orange salad flavored with thyme

( Fixed menu, supplement for dessert change = 1€ )

The "Children" Menu


- Fresh ground beef steak

- Back of meunière salmon



Mashed potatoes, proasted umscool rites, lfresh vegetables



- Homemade profiteroles with hot chocolate (1 cabbage)

- 2 scoops ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, mango, lemon,...)

La Carte

Shellfish and seafood

6 fine de claire oysters n°2 from Marennes “Roumegous”

19 €

Shrimps, mayonnaise sauce
14 €

Warm saffron whelks, aioli sauce

13 €


Seafood platter 

(6 fine de claire n°2 oysters, mussels, 6 prawns, whelks)

38 €

The entrees

Mussels stuffed with garlic butter


Salad of raw artichokes with anchovies and grana padano shavings

14 €

Homemade duck foie gras, pineapple chutney, toast

26 €

Shrimp tempura, homemade sweet chili sauce

14 €

Nice anti-pasti (grilled red peppers, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad and Parma ham)

15 €


Linguine with pesto
15 €


On order, one day in advance:

bouillabaisse(capon, St Pierre, red mullet, long live)

    Lobster or lobster on the grill or poached:

price according to the market 80

Depending on availability, whole fish sold by weight,served with virgin sauce or white butter sauce

(weight of a fish for 2 people = between 850 grams and 1 kg)

(weight of a fish for 1 person = about 500 grams)


Wild sea bass in a salt crust (2 people)

100 grams: 9.5 €

Grilled wild bass with fennel (2 people)

100 grams:9 €

Grilled John Dory (2 people)

100 grams:9 €

Fresh meunière or grilled sole (600/800 grams)
100 grams
:9 €

Roasted salmon loin, citrus jus, Japanese rice with seaweed and wok vegetables

25 €


Roasted cod with chorizo, mashed potatoes and winter vegetables

28 €

Tuna tataki with sesame, soy sauce, Japanese rice with seaweed and stir-fried vegetables





Beef tagliata, arugula salad, cherry tomatoes, 

parmesan shavings and fresh fries

28 €

Roasted chicken supreme, thyme and sweet garlic jus, mashed potatoes and winter vegetables

25 €

Traditional beef tartare,

rocket salad and fresh fries
19 €




Plate of Brie de Meaux and Gorgonzola, mesclun salad
10 €


Homemade pastries and fruits



Orange salad flavored with thyme

10 €

Rum baba, whipped cream

10 €

Dark chocolate cake, cooked to order, custard

10 €

Homemade frozen nougat, coulis de raspberries 

10 €

Thin apple tart, cooked by the minute, vanilla ice cream (15min)

10 €

Homemade Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate

10 €

Pineapple carpaccio, mango sorbet

10 €

gourmet coffee

9 €

Ice creams and sorbets


Liège coffee

10 €


Colonel Sorbet

(lemon sorbet and vodka)
10 €

Williams Cup

(pear sorbet and pear alcohol)
10 €

Saint Barth Cup

(mango, raspberry and lemon sorbets, raspberry coulis, whipped cream)
10 €

Cuba Cup

(Malaga ice cream, coffee and dark chocolate, white rum and whipped cream)
10 €

Florentine Cup

(pistachio, vanilla and coffee ice cream, Amaretto liqueur, whipped cream)
10 €

Dijonnaise Cup 

(blackcurrant sorbet, blackcurrant cream and whipped cream)
10 €

3 scoop ice cream bowl

(vanilla, coffee, pistachio, dark chocolate, malaga, salted butter caramel, mint-chocolate)

or sorbets (lemon, mango, raspberry, blackcurrant, pear) 

10 €

Cup of ice cream or sorbets 2 scoops

8 €

Cup of ice cream or sorbet 1 scoop

5 €

Net prices, 15% service included
Les coquillages et fruits de mer
Les entrées
Les pâtes
La pêche
Les viandes
Les fromages
Pâtisseries maison et fruits
Les glaces et sorbets

We welcome you every day for lunch and dinner.

We are closed on Wednesdays. ​​


Pour vos repas de groupe !

Célébrez la fin de l'année en beauté en réunissant vos collaborateurs, clients ou encore partenaires au Santana !

Au programme : un menu de fête et un moment convivial dans une cadre dépaysant.

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